Police asked to arrest rogue youngsters


Crowd gathering at one of the go downs that was suspected to have been broken into in Nakuru on Tuesday, December 26. [Photo by Harun Wathari/Standard]

Residents have asked police to tighten security and take action against youth who commit crimes and terrorise locals.

The call comes after a 12-year-old boy was caught stealing from a Yana Tyres warehouse in Kaptembwa area yesterday morning.

“We received information from people who saw the boys break into the shop. The police only managed to arrest one while the other two fled,” said Julius Were, a resident.

The young robber who was allegedly in the company of two other boys was rescued from an angry mob by police officers, who took him to Kaptembwa police station.

“We have been having such cases for far too long now. Young boys have turned into criminals and are terrorising residents and stealing from them,” said Were.

According to residents, cases of young gangsters stealing from locals have become rampant during the festive season.