NASA must embrace dialogue to save face

Kenyans have just concluded a stormy election period that has left the country polarised and deeply divided.

Where we are now, no one can dispute the fact that dialogue between the major political stakeholders is necessary.

However, we must engage in good faith. The Opposition has unfortunately concentrated on pursuing person selfish interests at the expense of peace, law and order. Opposition leaders should drop their hard-line position and be ready to work with the government to deliver the Kenyan dream.

While the primary function of the opposition is to offer credible alternatives to governance and to hold the government accountable, the leaders instead routinely oppose government’s initiatives for the sake of it. It is shocking that intellectuals surrounding the leadership often mislead them, instead of offering sound advice.

Continued use of unpatriotic language by Opposition leaders could paint them as a divisive force that cannot constructively safeguard the national interest devoid of ethnic dominance. They ride on the crest to remain politically relevant at the expense of their supporters.

Little wonder, therefore, that the opposition now appears fatigued with the futile pursuit for the presidency. It is deceitful to liken the opposition’s pursuit for power to the journey to Canaan. The elusive journey to Canaan has since mutated, to the resistance movement and Peoples Assembly agenda which no modern democracy would embrace.

Resistance to establishments is not the best option, going by worldwide experience. Such movements in other countries such as Sudan and Uganda did more harm than good.

The opposition has perfected the lie of implicating the government in claims of extra-judicial killings, yet they forget that police use force to break up protests when their supporters turn violent. Once you mobilise people, you lose control over how they act.

When Opposition leaders asked their followers to boycott elections, rogue supporters went to the streets to throw stones, block roads, burn tyres and disrupted businesses to heighten tension in the country.

It may just be matter of time before the Opposition disintegrates. You can fool people but not all the time.

For all it is worth, let the opposition push for dialogue to redeem its political standing. Through dialogue, the parties will be bound to listen to and reason with each other.

- The writer is a consultant in conflict management and a counseling psychologist. [email protected]