Martha Karua to re-appeal after High Court dismissed her petition

Narc Kenya party leader Martha Karua now says that the High Court’s decision to throw away her petition challenging the election of Anne Waiguru as the Kirinyaga Governor was in error.

The former Kirinyaga county gubernatorial aspirant on a Narc Kenya ticket said that the judgment by Lady Justice Lucy Gitari failed to appreciate the law and the authority. She has however vowed to file an appeal immediately.

‘I believe the judgment was in error as it failed to appreciate the law and the authority, and that’s why we are filling an appeal tomorrow, the first step to an appeal is a notice of appeal, and that’s what we will be doing,’ she said.

Speaking during a live TV interview, the onetime presidential candidate said that the time to do away with electoral fraud in Kenya has come, urging the courts to hear and determine such cases on merit and not tricks based on technicalities. She adds that she distance herself from electoral fraud challenging leaders to adopt transparent ways of acquiring public offices.

‘It’s time in this country that we got to the bottom of electoral fraud and it’s a matter of public importance that where electoral fraud is alleged, the court should hear the case on merit. It’s also important that those who get to office do so through the will of the people and not through tricks,’ she said.

The former Minister for Justice and Constitutional Affairs further alleged that 48,000 votes were added to the total tally of Governor Anne Waiguru, a matter which was pleaded in Ms Karua’s petition.

 ‘We know as a matter of fact that 48,000 votes were added to her tally and that’s pleaded in my petition and nothing would be better than getting the ballot boxes opened,’ she said.

This comes few hours after the High Court in Kerugoya dismissed her petition challenging the election of Ms Waiguru as the Governor. Lady justice Lucy Gitari, in her verdict, termed the petition as fatally defective, hopeless and incurable.

This was after the court found out that Ms Karua failed to comply with election petition rules 2017, both parliamentary and county. Wiguru, through her lawyer Kamotho Waiganjo had applied for the dismissal of the petition on October 17th, 2017 on grounds of non compliance, terming it as incompetent And bad In law.