Why you should marry a woman who is thirst for knowledge

Gentleman, marry a woman who is a reader, a woman who loves books. Yes, she may or may not have a Degree, Masters or PhD, but marry a woman who thirsts for knowledge, a woman who goes online searching for mind food, a woman who reads God's Word and allows the Word to mold her.

Marry a woman who reads people, and learns from the experiences of others, a woman who is not only physically beautiful but mentally attractive, she has a good head above her sexy body. Her intelligence will make her sexy, she will speak and captivate you, her advice and opinion will be invaluable.

Marry her, because all the wisdom and knowledge, all the education she has accumulated; she will use that in your marriage, you will reap the benefits and the home and marriage will be well-managed. That's the kind of woman you need to stand by your side for life.

But even as you target such a woman, remember you have to be deep and wise too. Only a man of depth can handle such a woman, only a man of depth can challenge such a woman. Far too many men are shallow these days.

They have no vision, no purpose, no mental power; all they want to talk about is sex, booze, and football; yet they have actually been to school. There is a difference between moving from one class to another and growing intellectually.

She will want conversations of substance, a higher standard of character and elevated ideas. She will want healthy debates with her man, she will want to analyze issues with a thinker.

 She will want a husband who stands tall in his contribution of views in the public assembly, a husband who speaks and writes so much sense that he becomes her source of pride. Look for such a woman, and be such a man. Iron sharpens iron

© Dayan Masinde and Akello Oliech