Joho’s claims that Jubilee is after his life just populist

A day after the police blocked him from attending a presidential function, Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho addressed a press conference and claimed his life was in danger. He alleged that President Uhuru Kenyatta was after his life. He revisited the remarks by President Kenyatta during the launch of Mtongwe Ferry Services. “Uhuru threatened me and I am not taking this lightly.“

Two days later, Joho alleged that six armed men stormed into one of his Nyali residences. He told the media he had recorded a statement with the police over the matter. But the question is: How did he get the information? Was it relayed by his employees? If yes, did he take time to verify the report? It should be noted that Joho does not live in the said residence.

Joho has been projecting himself as one of the most courageous and bold opposition politicians. One would argue that his fears are unfounded and he was taking advantage of the public altercation with the President to gain some political mileage. 

The head of state has on many occasions tried to exercise retrain by asking the governor to engage him in a structured dialogue and on issues that would help uplift the living standard of the people of Mombasa County. But Joho always sticks to his guns.

On two occasions, he lectured the president saying: „Who told you to come to my county without my knowledge? This is wrong. I hope next time you will not do that.“

During the commissioning of a footbridge and a road, he stormed the venue and told the president: “I have come here to set the record straight. These projects have not been funded by your government. They were built from the funds secured from the World Bank. So you have no right to take credit for them.“

It should be noted all the major infrastructural projects in the country since independence have been bankrolled by funds borrowed from foreign development partners. Hence Joho has no moral authority to question the President about public projects.

I am sure many Kenyans who listened to Uhuru‘s remarks during the launch of Mtongwe Ferry Services would agree with me that at no time did he threaten him. He just told the governor to stop following him „ama tutamunyorasha“ (we will discipline him).

These words did not in any way amount to threatening the life of the governor. The message was clear. Unless he changes his behaviour, he will not be allowed to attend any presidential function in future.

I have always stated here that Kenyatta is a human being. What do you expect him to do in face of extreme provocation?