Law Society of Kenya defends Judiciary in war on graft

The Law Society of Kenya on Thursday defended Judiciary on claims of being part of system slowing fight against corruption in the country.

 In a statement, the lawyers’ body turned the gun to the office of DPP and DCI for failure to conduct proper investigations and shoddy prosecutions.

 “Judiciary has become the convenient whipping boy in the fight against corruption, this is unfair and will only undermine public trust and confidence,” said LSK president Isaac E.N. Okero in a press statement.

 “The truth is that cases in court are as good as are presented and prosecuted. Shoddy investigations and poorly conducted prosecutions are more likely the cause of delays in the determination of cases or of the low rate of convictions than corruption of judicial officers,” he noted.

He said that for the best results in the trial of corruption cases each component of the entire process - investigation, prosecution and adjudication - must aspire to the highest quality.

He exuded confidence in the newly appointed Chief Justice David Maraga saying that he was capable of restoring confidence in the judiciary.

“I have no doubt that as the Chief Justice, President of the Supreme Court and Chair of the Judicial Service Commission, Justice Maraga will very quickly be able to restore both the function, dignity and collegiality of the apex court and to enhance discipline and professional standards within the judiciary, both necessary to build public confidence, he said.

“With his experience in private practice and as a judge of the superior court he has the benefit of perspectives of both the bar and the bench as he considers his strategy.”
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