Sh20m Betway jackpot winner turns around his home as he eyes another wife

62-year-old Joseph Onywera, who won 20 million jackpot at his home in Kapiyo village, Kadete in Kisumu county on June 02,2016 morning. The winner has changed the face of his home with flowing electricity, gated home and a new house under construction. (PHOTO: DENISH OCHIENG'/ STANDARD)

A new village millionaire now has electricity at his home after paying to be connected from two kilometres away.

He has hired dozens of casuals at a construction site in his compound. And he plans to marry a second wife.

Such is the transformation for 63-year-old Joseph Onywera who won a Sh20 million jackpot two months ago. Fellow villagers have now nicknamed him 'Jackpot'.

Betway, a betting company in Kenya, handed Mr Onywera the Sh20 million cheque on June 1, three days after he correctly predicted the outcome of 13 matches.

Life has now taken a new turn for the man who was divorced by his wife over inability to cater for the family's basic needs.

Even though the estranged wife has offered to return, Onywera has insisted he has no time for her and is planning to marry another wife. A woman said to be working at a nearby cybercafe won Onywera's heart during his time of loneliness.

"I cannot say much about my new wife-to-be, but I have to say the lady stood with me and she will be joining me soon in my home," he said.

Electricity has come to the heart of Kapiyo village courtesy of Onywera.

When The Standard paid him a visit, it was evident that life was slowly returning to the home of Onywera, which has become a landmark for reference for those visiting the area.

"Mnatafuta Jackpot? (Are you looking Jackpot?) His home is just across that small stream. You will see so many people working in the newly fenced home," a villager gave us directions, guessing that we were headed there.

According to the villager, Mr Jackpot has in the recent past been receiving a lot of guests, coming in vehicles and on foot.

During our visit, officials from Betway Company had visited him to evaluate the development progress he has made. They were accompanied by a financial advisor who has been helping Onywera.

When we get to his home, he switches on the electricity and offers to charge our phone, whose battery was almost depleted.

"These days I do not have to move to Kadete to charge my phone. Instead I charge for friends and neighbours free of charge," he said.

For the soccer fan, life has taken a new turn and he hopes to enjoy the good life, just like other millionaires.

"I underwent a tough experience with no cash, and I want to do all that I had wanted to do when I had no money. I am glad that there are people who can easily access electricity connection after I brought it closer," said Onywera.

At least 20 casual labourers were busy bringing his previously deserted home back to life.

He said the number of the casual workers goes up according to the amount of work to be done.

His home, which was surrounded by a withered live fence, now has a chain-link fence with kei apple planted around it.

With a house for his son already done, Onywera is now putting up a two-bedroomed brick house for himself.

He has gravelled 100 metres of road to his home.

He is also considering rental houses in his quarter-acre land in Manyata Estate in Kisumu.

He is strict and rarely dishes out money to idlers. Even his sons have to participate in 'nation building' in order to earn something.

"People have to work for them to eat. I do not take alcohol and I do not want to mess up my projects through unnecessary expenditure," he said.