Let us stop tribal ethnicity in campus politics

Tribal ethnicity has marred credible and significant politics in public universities. Politics being solely the gate-pass to securing a post in student’s union, it has firmly propelled tribalism in this politics. Contrary to national politics were a contestant’s manifesto is of great essence, in university you need 2 vital and fundamental requirement; adequate money to splurge in the politics and enormous members from your tribe.  Once you are armed with the two, you are assured of landslide victory. Apparently, campus politics have incessantly plunged students into chaos after the announcement of results after a contestant whom they were affiliated to lose.

Rongo University College was a victim of this in April after a disputed election results which propagated students unrest in the university premises and its environs. This stemmed after a Luo presidential contestant lost and they agitatedly targeted to dominate the top seat in student union. Recently, Moi University, Eldoret was a culprit of the same. Immediately after election results were unveiled, students clustered themselves into JAP and CORD and commenced pelting each other with stones oblivious of the danger. The university was closed definitely in an attempt to quell the student riots. Students pelting each other was a barbaric act among scholars. Many public varities have already faced this ruckus, have just endeavored to highlight the most current scenarios.

We squander a lot of time due to disagreement on poll results. Some innocent students also lose their dear lives in the riot process. Semesters are terminated unexpectedly and we are compelled to pay damage fees depending on the destruction done. My humble request to comrades is that they should not be obsessed by the element of tribalism and egocentrism during campaigning process. We should shun from such queer habits of electing student leaders based on tribal aspect. Let us elect aspirants who are sagacious, committed, accountable and dedicated to advocating for comrades right, lest we enjoy our studies without disruptions. This will be a commendable way of preaching peace and unity not only in our universities but also the entire nation.