Why its important for universities to release graduates academic progress

In December every year, primary schools results are released and statistics read out in public. In March results of secondary schools are also released and the government reads out statistics on how many students enrolled in form one, how many did the exam and those who dropped out. But public universities which are funded by the government only holds colorful graduations where students’ names are mentioned in public and are feted and there is no mention of how many enrolled and how many dropped out.

If statistics can be released in all universities, remedies can be found for the problems bedeviling the university students. Such information can include; 4 students dropped out because of mental problems, 10 students got pregnant and dropped out, 6 students became drug addicts and dropped out, 300 dropped out because of lack of fees, 25 deferred, 5 died because of stabbing, 4 were found dead, 3 died as a result of suicide, 2 died because of false alarm of Al-Shabab, 10 joined Al-Shabab and 1000 disappeared with unknown reasons.

These statistics will help researchers and the society as a whole to plan mitigation remedies of our youth in the universities. University studies have now been riddled with changing technological systems which experts need to rectify urgently. It will be known that the year 2013/2016 this figure of students enrolled and this figure of students dropped out and also those who graduated. This statistics will help Masters and PhD students who are mark timing and taking years equivalent to primary education to graduate in universities.

 Some friends you meet are stuck with unfinished masters or PhD studies and the most affected are those in public universities, where supervisors are very busy or are heads of departments or hold seniority positions and some go abroad while supervising students or are unavailable. If the statistics are not read out to the public, let them be put in the graduation book. Many students are stuck and have no hope of graduating. Some students who have mark timed in the universities and have no hope of graduating hire their friend’s gown to act that they are graduating because where parents sit, they cannot hear the heads of department calling names of graduates, e.g. if a names like kamau, katana, karisa, are read out, those students  who have issues simulate that they are graduating and stand when the names are being called in order to cheat their parents that they have graduated and parents will not continue pestering them. This can be avoided if statistics are read out for all to see.