Female cop in Kilifi under probe for allegedly hiring out her gun to criminals

Kilifi, Kenya: A policewoman attached to Kilifi County Administration Police headquarters is under investigation following claims she has been aiding violent criminals in the region.

Local police claimed yesterday that the officer has been working in Kilifi for years and was transferred to an undisclosed part of Kenya following the murder of a primary school Pauline Kazungu in the area last week, a killing blamed on Mathias Baraka whom police killed on Friday.

Baraka's corpse was burnt to ashes by enraged residents during Pauline's burial on Friday.

Baraka acquired notoriety as an armed robber who attacked MPesa shops or sneaked into home clad in women's muslim dress or buibui.

The nature of the alleged collusion between the woman and criminals has not been confirmed but police claim they received reports that she lends out her gun to robbers, claims that have not been confirmed. Other reports have linked her to the late Baraka.

Kilifi county administration police commander Elias Ngetich yesterday told The Standard that investigations have been launched against the woman and confirmed her transfer.

"The thing I can confirm is that investigations have been launched to establish the truth of claims that the female AP officer attached to Kilifi county AP headquarters has been aiding a gang of robbers by issuing out her official fire arm to execute their crimes," said Ngetich yesterday.

Ngetich said however that no evidence has been brought forward to prove claims the officer under suspicion has given her weapon to criminals adding that the officer will not be condemned without proof.

Last week M-pesa operators and other traders in Kilifi town claimed that the late Baraka had accomplices within the police force who gave him a gun. Police claim they found a pistol on his corpse on Friday.

The Standard cannot disclose her name for legal reasons but sources indicate detectives are finding it hard to investigate her due to her connections with very senior officers within Kenya's security agencies.

Yesterday Ngetich disclosed she was transferred to enable investigations.

Ngetich also confirmed that the officer was transferred following the murder of a teacher at Juwaba area of Kilifi.

The police also announced the arrest of Baraka's three alleged accomplices.