Police officers in Kilifi search for serial robber

Police are looking for a man believed to have carried out a series of violent robberies targeting M-Pesa agents and shops.

Reports indicate the robber disguises himself in a buibui (clothing worn by Muslim women) and carries a hired gun or one stolen from police.

Witnesses said he has been terrorising locals and business people and they suspect he is behind all the robberies in the area.

In one of the robberies, a woman was killed and several people injured.

M-Pesa agents are up in arms demanding that police officers investigate the robberies and arrest the man who shot their colleague dead in Kilifi town on Thursday last week.

The agents' spokesman, Albert Ngari, yesterday said their colleague Pauline Kazungu was killed in her house at Mkoroshoni village before she was robbed of unknown amount of money.

Ms Kazungu, a teacher at Mtondia Primary School, operated an M-Pesa shop in Kilifi town. "We demand justice and are urging the police to institute thorough investigations and apprehend the killer who is said to be well-known in the area," said Mr Ngari.

There are claims the gangster could also be working with a police officer who has been hiring out his gun to him, but Kilifi OCPD Joshua ole Leina said this has not been confirmed. "Until we arrest him and the weapon, we are not in a position to tell if he is working with a police officer. We are still pursuing him and we are urging the public to be on the lookout," said Leina.

Meanwhile, a man has been arrested with Sh2.3 million in fake currency in Mazeras. Police said the suspect Charles Baraka, 23, was arrested on Saturday evening.