Will CORD leaders sing “Kidero Must Go”?

CORD leaders are quite the interesting lot. They are the self-proclaimed agents of change and watchdog of the people, with millions of followers rallying behind them. This time though, it seems the CORD leaders, members and specific pocketed bloggers have been mum on a specific issue in the whole Justice Tunoi- Governor Kidero Sh. 200million (or its Sh.300million) bribery saga. Why is that?

When former Devolution CS Anne Waiguru was mentioned in the National Youth Service saga, CORD leaders were quick to raise their arms and cry foul play, asking for Ms. Waiguru to ‘step aside’ because she would hinder investigations. Now they are after Finance CS Henry Rotich on the scandalous issue on Eurobond billions. Waiguru fought back claiming her innocence but she still went home.

The big question we must ask ourselves is why the CORD leaders are silent about the Kidero part of this saga. When will the CORD leaders start their ever famous lullaby “Nani must go” this time saying “Kidero must go”? The pressure that CORD leaders had that made Waiguru trend for all the wrong reasons almost every day seems to be non-existent when it comes to the Governor.

Just because one of them has been implicated in a large bribery case, they won’t say a thing because they fear tinting their image as the “corruption busters”. This just shows me that they only have their interests to protect, because if they were indeed looking after the mwananchi, they would not favor anyone due to their own political interests.

This leads me to another point, why are majority of the people, including the media, so focused on Judge Tunoi and the Judiciary woos. No one seems to be concentrating and applying pressure on Governor Kidero. We seem to condemn one and tolerate the other which simply isn’t right. What is fair and correct, is that if you are to investigate the truth in the case brought forward, then everyone implicated should indeed feel the pressure to redeem themselves. 

To CORD, if you going to do your job then do it all the way not half-heartedly playing with Kenyans minds along the way.