Nairobi motorists should respect special alarms and sirens

Of late, Kenyan roads are becoming congested due to the increasing rate at which vehicles are being imported and assembled. Drivers have now forgotten even the basic concepts of life. Lifesaving vehicles are constantly facing blunt of this fate as they push their way en route on their missions. 

Matatu drivers are notorious for this especially in ‘rush hours’ where the driver is working extra hard to make more, only to expose others to extra danger. Matatus from Eastlands entering town at City Stadium and Landhies road roundabouts even block the road ahead of such a vehicle not caring about the consequences that can arise. This is a deadly manifestation of arrogance and it should stop.

Some government and statutory vehicles too are not left out in this. I recently saw a police jeep swerving when an ambulance was just meters away yet it had its siren on from a distance. Everyone is under the law. If the law enforcers cannot follow the law, then what is the importance of the law? The police are even mandated to conduct the driving tests, among them obedience to traffic rules. But now see!

Every motorist should always pave way for fire engines, ambulances or any other vehicle that seeks attention on road. You never know if it's your place that is on fire or even worse, your friend or family member’s life is in danger.