App that makes revision easier for candidates

Mike Kipkorir, one of the developers of Elewa during the interview. [PHOTO: BEVERLYNE MUSILI/STANDARD]

This year’s candidates are a worried lot especially after they were left to revise on their own following the teachers’ strike that dragged on for a whole month.

To make life easier for them, two professionals have come together and devised a way to help candidates, especially those in secondary school, revise for their examination.

The two, Mike Kipkorir and Jente Rosseel, have created a web based application dubbed Elewa meant to make the revision process easier and help students understand content better rather than just cramming.

Kipkorir, an ICT education consultant says the idea behind the web based application is to improve the quality of education.

“Elewa offers original past papers, but does not just give answers. Instead, it links the different questions to the section of the curriculum where they were derived from,” he says of the revision tool that was launched slightly less than a month ago.

Elewa can help a candidate or teacher determine the most examined topic using data from different past papers, and even see how many marks are allocated for specific subjects in previous years.

To use the application, one needs internet connection and can access different subjects at a fee.

“Price per subject for two hours is Sh50. To access the same for six hours cost is Sh100, Sh150 for a full day use, Sh500 for a week and Sh1,000 for a month. Payment can only be done for one subject at a time,” Kipkorir says.

Developing the application, that took about a year, did not come easy with Kipkorir explaining that for the first three months, he and his partner Jente Rosseel, a programmer based in Belgium, had to juggle between their day jobs and the application all while working from two different continents.

“Teachers played a big part in helping us put Elewa together. They helped us find the original past papers and also in data entry meaning we had to pay them for that among other costs,” he said.