Scary moment security guards flee as 'white, eyeless, floating ghost' filmed haunting streets at night.

A screen shot of a CCTV footage of the ghost sighting. {PHOTO: MIRROR}

Two security guards have been left spooked after encountering what they believe was a terrifying ghost during a routine night patrol.

So scared were the guards Ysminio Cabanillas and Jean Cáceda Torres at the sight of the "white, eyeless and floating woman" that they ran in horror.

The apparition was then reportedly captured on CCTV close to where the men encountered it, in Chimbote, Peru.

The two men appeared on Peruvian news channel Latina to talk through their supernatural experience.

Grainy footage of a street shows a shadowy figure moving slowly across the road before disappearing out of shot.

Reported sightings of floating, eyeless ghosts have been on the rise recently - and a lot more closer to home.

Last year, medium Christine Hamlett claimed to have snapped the legendary Black Eyed Child of Cannon chase for the first time in 30 years.

Black Eyed Child of Cannon chase is a fable about  a child spirit that roams in the woods, The girl is said to have ghastly charcoal black eyes with no iris.

It is believed that she must have died of of a diphtheria outbreak in the 1800s and could be one of the many troubled spirits  buried in an unmarked grave after dying in a workhouse.

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