Fight graft within State corporations

Kenyans seem to reward mismanagement and plunder of parastatals with billions in form of financial bailouts.

One can almost swear with certainty that if Kenya Airways is bailed out of the current predicament, it will take less than three years to slip back to the same situation.

Parastatals are there to enrich politically connected individuals. Those who milk State corporations to death include suppliers and board members who employ their relatives and friends for political gain.

The trend never changes because the people who defraud State corporations know the government will still pump in more funds.

Good examples of parastatals that have been plundered in the past include the collapsed Kenya National Trading Corporation and Mumias Sugar Company.

To save parastatals, the Government must fight corruption within. Briefcase suppliers must be kicked out and any form of favouritism discarded.

If we cannot fight graft in the civil service and all State corporations, taxpayers will continue to bear the burden.