Sh300,000 fine set for spitting in Busia town

Custom street of Busia town

Residents will be fined between Sh20,000 and Sh300,000 if found spitting within Busia town once the Busia County Waste Management Bill becomes law.

County executive for Environment and Natural Resources Bernard Yaite said people will be restrained from spitting, throwing cigarette buds and throwing dirt anywhere within the town.

"Residents of the county might end up paying hefty fines if found spitting within the town once the bill is assented to by Governor Sospeter Ojaamong " Mr Yaite said.

Speaking at his office in the town, Yaite said those who violate the law will appear before the Busia Environment High court, now operating in the county.


The county official said dust bins will be placed at verandas of all shops in the town and buses will be forced to have bins for passengers to put dirt in.

"Plans are underway to give instructions to drivers and conductors of all buses about the Busia County Waste Management Bill once it becomes law so that they can fit their vehicles with baskets," said Yaite.

He said his department had embarked on a cleaning exercise in Busia and Malaba border towns since they are international entry and exist points to the Great Lakes Region States.

"We have employed women and youth to clean Busia, Malaba, Bumala, Port Victoria and Nambale towns daily in order to keep them clean" said the official.

The official, however, left out Sio Port town, another important entry point for those visiting from Uganda and Tanzania.

Yaite also said burning of charcoal will be regulated by the Busia County Forest Association Bill which is already in the assembly waiting to be worked on.

"Charcoal burners will have to apply for permits from the county government," Yaite warned.