Basic principles to a good courtship

Young man, you want the best out of the girl you are dating. Here are some moot points on bagging a well principled lassie that will make you a good wife. Who does not want a good wife that the good book of life calls a rare gem to find?

Never get intimate with the lady you’re about to marry. If she easily goes to bed with you, who else did she sleep with before meeting you? She may be a classic case of a loose morals woman and intimacy is no guarantee of love!

Do not go to bed with many girls before deciding to settle down with the ‘perfect’ one! It is unwise. The girl may readily sleep with you believing she is ‘securing’ or ‘insuring’ herself to you. Who told you one needs to ‘practise hard’ by bedding many lassies out there?

Courtship is a time to know each other well on a spiritual, physical, emotional and social level. Do not tie the knot in haste with someone you hardly know. When that intimacy feeling wears out, you will discover you married someone you hardly know! Get to know her better.

Meeting in secluded places, especially late in evenings is inappropriate. One thing can lead to another and before long, both of you are on the intimate level! Meet in public places and avoid holding hands together! You do not need to show how affectionate you are towards her by constantly holding her hands; even the blind ones can perceive you two are in love!

Do not caress or fondle the girl during your courtship. It will lead to sexual awakening/desires towards each other. It can become a form of addiction known as sensuality whenever both of you meet. This can lead to an early sex life before marriage. Are you looking for a wife or an object of romantic and sensual stimulation to settle down with? Be honest.

Visit each other in your respective homes to get to know family members of each other well. Maybe you do not know her background like whether she hails from a clan of thieves, witches, etc. Lodge visits are out of question!

Do not seduce the lady in a manipulative and romantic language then get intimate with her. What if you leave her a single mother as you may not like her? Speak of thinking twice before acting! Why sow wild oats who will come out of woodworks when you take your final bow in life and lay claim to your estate?

Finally, if your testosterones are all fired up, zip up and wait, real men wait. What will you accomplish in proving you can ‘fire missiles’ and impregnate a lady in record time? Time may prove you are a baba zero and the lady played tricks on you!

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