Eliminate some courses from the varsity curricula if we have to outsource manpower

Kenyan universities offer innumerable, impressive and competent courses recognised across  Africa. In fact according to research conducted annually pertaining ranking of universities in the African continent, a Kenyan university does not miss in the top ten. This means the education offered is of high quality and thus it deserves merit.

However, there are some tough courses undertaken  and have not yet witnessed how they benefit the nation. A few universities offer courses like medicine, engineering, acturial science, among others which are considered the 'cream' of all the courses. From this courses, engineering course has been startling me because engineers are been imported from China or Japan every dawn, yet we have our engineers.

Consider the construction of the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) which is undergoing. The tender was snatched by a Chinese company, simply because our young engineers were not eligible. They lacked the skills and working experience required. Does it mean they are half-baked or what the hell might it be? If our doctors are able, why not our engineers?

Far from that, there are other minor courses that have emerged. The Commission of University Education (CUE) should abrogate courses which have no benefit to the nation. Our graduates should provide readily available labour in all fields . The CUE should also ensure practical courses have the necessary apparatus to give meaning to the theoretical work. It is about time we have competent graduates in this country.