Village elder found murdered in Teso South

Busia, Kenya: Villagers from Okimaru area of Teso North constituency woke up to a rude shock Sunday morning following a tragedy where one of their own village elder was found murdered and dumped 200m from Busia’s Deputy speaker Moses Ote’s residence.

The deceased Jonathan Okimaru, 56, had his eyes gorged out with knife wounds all over face, and also appeared to have been hit by a blunt object.

Ote who was the first to visit the scene said the elder was killed elsewhere and his body dumped at the scene since there was no blood or any sign of struggle.

The Deputy speaker said the man’s phone and his grandmother’s identity cards were found at the scene with the killers also placing half glass of chang’aa next to his head.

“The suspects are known with some of them already disappearing from their homes, thus the need by the police to launch thorough investigations in a bid to nab the killers,” he said.

The deceased second wife Catherine Okimaru said her husband had finished burying his grandmother and returned home.

“Since there were many in-laws in the house he opted to go and sleep in the neighbor’s house which is about 1km away. As he left, the man who had been sitting next to their fence went ahead of him.” she said.

According to other sources, the elder had earlier been called to settle a dispute where some youths were fighting over a girl. It is alleged that in order to save her he opted to take her to his home for “safe custody”.

Malaba police led by Deputy OCS Moses Kameli visited the scene where they carried investigation before removing the body to Frapa Funeral home in Kocholia.