Jubilee leaders allege CORD ploy to incite Kenyans against State

Senate Majority Leader and Tharaka Nithi Senator Kindiki Kithure.

The Jubilee alliance has alleged a plan by the Opposition to incite Kenyans against ongoing multi-billion shilling development projects and scuttle implementation of the regime's agenda.

Senate Majority Leader Kindiki Kithure and his National Assembly counterpart Aden Duale said the Government would not be cowed, intimidated, harassed or bullied by anti-development agents whose agenda was to seek public sympathy.

Responding to demands by the Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (CORD) that the State should publish a list of Government appointees since the Jubilee administration took office, the two warned that the Opposition was seeking cheap political relevance aimed at fanning ethnic animosity.

Mr Kindiki said CORD's requests were not genuine and smacked of tribal incitement.

"It is ridiculous and laughable for the Opposition to claim to be demanding what is provided for in the Constitution. The Constitution provides for access to information to all Kenyans, irrespective of their political affiliations. We cannot call for rallies to demand what is expressly provided for in the Constitution," Kindiki reiterated.

He noted that access to information, including the Public Service Commission (PSC), was every Kenyan's right and those trying to hide behind the demands to justify their political inclinations were harbouring sinister motives to incite Kenyans.

"Any Kenyan who wishes to get information on the status of employment within Government is free to visit the PSC and ask for it instead of engaging the Government in circles. We have said and we shall repeat that we believe what is important for Kenyans is not what position someone holds, but rather what are we doing as leaders to improve lives," Kindiki added.

Mr Duale queried the ultimate game plan by CORD in the wake of the 'purported' demands for employment records, saying the Opposition had run out of genuine issues to raise against the Government and was trying to hide behind the fresh demands.

"The records showing who has been employed are with PSC. Those who wish to be informed about them should approach the commission and be advised. There has been no employment within the public service that defies the Constitution," Duale maintained.

He said the Government, led by President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto, bears the face of the country, with the necessary expertise to drive the economy.

"This is a most representative government that reflects the ethnic diversity of the country. If there are small challenges here and there, that could have accumulated systemically over the years and cannot be addressed overnight," Duale said.

"The responsibility to hire, fire and transfer Government officers is carried out in line with the Government's ambitious civil service reform strategy spearheaded by the PSC," he added.

On the multi-billion shilling projects being undertaken by the national government in various parts of the country, Kindiki said the Jubilee leadership was conscious of the uphill task that lay ahead in redeeming the economy and fixing the high cost of living.

"It takes a combination of factors to bring down the cost of living, including addressing the cost of production, which we have done through massive investments in the energy sector to reduce electricity rates, and irrigation projects we have put up to ensure food stability," Kindiki noted.

CORD wants the Government to provide a list of development projects it is undertaking across the country alongside their costs, and wants the names of those hired or transferred within the civil service since the last General Election.

The planned Saba Saba rally by the Opposition coalition has sparked mixed reactions across the country, with some leaders opposing it citing rising political temperatures.

CORD on Wednesday said it was seeking Inspector General of Police David Kimaiyo's assurance on security after securing a permit for Nairobi's Uhuru Park as some Jubilee leaders said they had planned a meeting there on the same day.