Bodies in secret grave yet to be identified


Kitengela, Kenya: Authorities are yet to establish the identities of the bodies recovered from two mass graves in Kitengela over the weekend.

According to Chief Government pathologist Johansen Oduor, the remains had by the time of discovery decayed extensively that determining their gender and identities require DNA testing.

“We have established that the remains found are of adults but we are yet to establish their gender and identities, samples have been taken for analysis so that we can shed more light on the mystery surrounding the bodies,” said Dr Oduor.

He added that the nature of the remains indicated they had been buried for less than three months prompting police to conclude that the killings were recent.

Kajiado County Commissioner Laban Kobai pegged the killings to a fierce battle between rival land brokers possibly affiliated to the divided outlawed Mungiki sect.

Mr Kobai said the selling of East African Portland Cement’s EAPC land by the rival brokers had generated so much friction such that gangs from as far as Eastlands in Nairobi were ferried to drive out competition from rivals.

He added that the remains are suspected to be of some gang members killed at different locations and transported to be buried at the abandoned quarry due to its isolated location.

“We have reason to believe that this is a result of the conflict arising from the sale of the EAPC land. Youths have been transported to the area from as far as Nairobi and Rift Valley to fight off rival gangs resulting into the killings,” said the county commissioner.