Make-up call: The Nairobian reveals the hottest women APs in the city

By  David odongo

It’s the sight of a female police officer, holding an AK47, her bosom threatening to burst out of her blue heavy sweater and handcuffs dangling from her hips.

Her lips freshly glossed and beautiful silver studs adorn her ear. A gold pendant lazily lies on her neck, appended to a necklace. Like many men, I will stop and stare. Miss Officer, I am guilty of any misdemeanor, many men will confess.

A few months back, Deputy Inspector General Grace Kaindi spoilt the show for many men when she issued a circular barring women police officers from make-up and adorning accessories.

Kaindi directed that female police officers should not wear lipstick, fashionable clothes, bangles or big earrings while on duty.

In a July circular issued on behalf of the Deputy Inspector General, officers were told that some clothing and accessories were tarnishing, “the good name of the service”.

The circular reference C/CUS/VOL.VIII/16G warns that any officer found with the banned items will have breached Force Standing Order CAP 37 and the National Police Service Act 2011 Section 87-88 and will be punished. What is your view?

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