Kilifi County proposes taxes on chicken, pets and livestock

Kilifi County government has set up grazing sites where livestock owners will graze their animals at a fee. This is part of proposals made to boost the county’s revenue collection. [PHOTO: FILE]

KILIFI COUNTY: The county government has made proposals in its 2014/2015 Finance Bill that is expected to help increase its revenue collection.

One of these proposals is taxation on chicken whereby for every five chicken a farmer sells, the county will get Sh50 and for every extra bird, Sh10 will be paid.

There is also establishment of grazing sites where farmers will graze their livestock at a fee.

If this proposal is ratified by the county assembly, owners of up to five cows wishing to graze at the county's designated grazing sites will pay Sh100 per day with an additional Sh20 for any extra cow. Goat and sheep owners will pay Sh50 per day for no more than five animals and an additional Sh10 for every extra animal.

In a move seen to create business for the said grazing sites, the county government has also proposed hefty fines to be levied against those found grazing in urban centres.


If the Bill sails through, owners of stray animals found roaming around Kilifi, Mtwapa, Mariakani and Malindi towns will be required to pay hefty fines to get their animals.

Governor Amason Kingi's government has proposed a fine of at least Sh1,000 for every stray camel that will be found unattended in the county's urban centres.

For every horse and cow found roaming in the county's urban centres, the owners will be fined Sh600 while sheep and goat owners will pay Sh350.

Donkeys, dogs and birds found in the streets will fetch the county Sh600, Sh500 and Sh100 respectively for their release. The county has also recommended hefty charges for residents rearing animals and pets in the urban areas.

Residents who keep ornament fish will be required to pay Sh5,000 for a certificate while urban livestock farmers will be required to pay a one-off fee of at least Sh5,000 per head for cows, sheep and goats.


The county has also proposed a levy for livestock on transit that will see animals passing across the county charged per head as livestock development fee.

The proposed transit fees are Sh150 for every camel transported through Kilifi County roads, Sh100 per head for cows and donkeys and Sh50 for sheep and goats.

The Bill suggests Sh400 be remitted to the county for every camel sold at the auction and Sh200 and Sh100 for cows and goats sold.

The Bill will be subjected to public scrutiny tomorrow at the Sun n Sand Beach Resort in Kikambala.