Squatters protest delayed title deeds issuance


Kilifi,Kenya:Squatters who were allocated land at Uyombo/Madeteni and Roka/Uyombo settlement schemes in Kilifi County have protested the Government’s delay to issue them with title deeds.

The squatters claimed though the schemes were established back in 1980s they had not received title deeds for their land.

They accused influential people of acquiring title deeds for land meant for the landless.

Led by the chairman of Roka Timboni community development association pastor Benson Mwangala, they claimed people had been getting titles deeds for land in the same scheme.

Kilifi District Lands Registrar Mr Athuman Juma said the Government put an embargo of the land allocation in the schemes after disputes arose.

But the squatters wanted a firm explanation from the officer why “some people from the area have been getting land yet the embargo still stands”.

“Our concerns are that foreigners have been getting land and get issued with title deeds in the same scheme that has an embargo on land transactions,” said pastor Mwangala.

corrupt officers

Earlier the chairman of National Land Commission Dr Mohammed Swazuri had visited and raised concerns over land grabbing in the area and said his commission was investigating these claims.

Kilifi deputy governor Mr Kenneth Kamto said the county government has put on notice corrupt Lands officers who have been colluding with influential people to grab land in the area. “The blame should go to the Lands officers who had misused their power,” said Mr Kamto.

Swazuri, however, accused squatters of selling their land before they were issued with title deeds.