Governor rehabilitates key hospital in Gachie after years of neglect

Kiambu Governor Kimani Wamatangi before the Senate Health Committee, November 8, 2022. [Elvis Ogina, Standard]

Kihara Level Four Hospital in Gachie town has been rehabilitated after years of neglect.

On learning about the sorry state of the hospital, Governor Kimani Wamatangi immediately mobilised a team to spearhead its renovation, among other health facilities in the county.

Their mandate was clear and urgent – to restore a functioning health system, from infrastructure to personnel.

Months of dedicated efforts have transformed Kihara Hospital.

The once-sagging ceilings and peeling walls now stand tall with fresh paint. The hospital also has new roofs and upgraded electrical and plumbing systems.

The compound has been rejuvenated and the hospital is once again a hub of activity, with all departments operational.

The governor also said the facility will be expanded to increase its capacity. He promised to construct a 110-bed capacity block and install modern equipment.

The hospital has faced a tumultuous journey since its inception in 1975.

Initiated through community fundraising, the hospital construction began two years later, aiming to establish a sub-district facility.

Unfortunately, the project faced major construction hurdles until the Ministry of Public Works intervened, partially completing it in 2007.

Officially opened in 2009, the hospital boasts a 65-bed capacity, catering to a diverse range of medical needs.

Local residents are thrilled with the transformation.

“We are glad that finally we can call this facility a proper hospital after the changes that have been carried out. Apart from the renovations, the services are also available,” said Jacinta Wanjiku," a resident of Gachie.

She said that before the county government intervened to bring change to the hospital, residents were being forced to travel to Kiambu and other places to seek medical attention.

“Even services like outpatient care were not available and the buildings were an eyesore. We hope that this renewal will be maintained since this is a very highly populated area needing a fully functional hospital,” said Njeri Karanja, who was at the hospital for laboratory services.

Governor Wamatangi said the renovation of the hospital was part of his plans to transform the health sector in the county.

“This hospital is one of the sad state of devolution in Kiambu County and it represents what all of the other health facilities have been despite the county having sunk Sh120 billion since 2013,” said Wamatangi.

The County Executive Committee Member in charge of Health Dr Elias Maina said most of the health facilities in the county had been neglected for years.

“For a long period, the health facilities in the county had collapsed with little or no improvement. No renovations were carried out but the governor has changed the narrative, we have carried out changes in all the facilities,” said Dr Maina.

He said health was amongst the departments getting the highest allocation of funds in Governor Wamatangi’s regime.

“We are not just renovating the health facilities, we are constructing new ones since quality and affordable healthcare is one of our priorities,” noted Dr. Maina.

Kiambaa MP Njuguna Ka Wanjiku said the renovation and the planned expansion were a major relief for the local people who have for years been forced to stage protests to demand its improvement.

"This is what we as the people of Kiambaa have been asking for for all these years. We are grateful to our governor that he is rewriting the story of Kihara Hospital," said the MP.