Uhuru Kenyatta: My troublesome partner Ruto abandoned work

Uhuru reiterated that he had no interest in harming Ruto.

"I'm not killing anyone. Someone has been led by the devil, that person is saying what he could do had he been seating on my position," he said.

The president said someone can leave in the same house with a troublesome person but there comes a time when one would say enough is enough and break the union.

"These people are ever on top of their vehicles insulting me, including your MP (Kimani Ichung'wah) who I helped when he was looking for the seat. I am not responding to their insults, they have gone further to lie that I want to remain in power," he said.

"The truth is that I am left with a few days in office and I want to go to Ichaweri and be with my grandchildren. I'm satisfied with the two terms you gave me."

Uhuru declared that he is supporting Raila's presidential bid because he called him to a table and they reached an agreement.

"Yes, I called Raila and sought to know what was his problem with my government. He opened his heart, I too opened mine. I even told him why Kikuyus rebelled against him and we came to an amicable settlement," said the president.

"We discussed issues touching on government allocation of funds based on population and agreed on many things."

President Kenyatta admitted that he indeed fronted Narc Kenya leader Martha Karua to deputise the Azimio presidential candidate and he believes that the two mean well for Kenya. The president told the people that he is ready to hand over power to whoever the people will choose during the forthcoming polls.

"I'm ready to pass over the sword to whoever you elect but be warned that the sword can be used to kill or protect. Be very keen in what you do at the ballot booth," he said.

He was speaking in Kamangu, Kikuyu Constituency, where he issued title deeds to locals.

The president issued 200 title deeds but cumulatively more than 5,000 title deeds were ready for issuance to residents of Kamangu, Nderu, Makutano, Rwacumari, Nguirubi, Renguti, Dasha, Nachu and Ruthigiti.

He was accompanied by Lands Cabinet Secretary Faridah Karonei, Principal Secretary Nicholas Muraguri and Limuru MP Peter Mwathi.

Later in the afternoon, Uhuru commissioned the Sh24 billion Kariminu II dam in Gatundu North, where he warned residents against electing leaders with questionable integrity.

"Don't vote for thieves or else you will regret it," Uhuru told Gatundu residents.

"Be very careful not to vote for thugs because I wouldn't want to hear that you are in the cold. There are those moving around speaking so nicely to you and making weird promises, but their deeds and talks behind the scenes are venomous. I plead with you to be wary of these people," he added.

The president said Ruto and his allies have been crisscrossing Mt Kenya region, tarnishing his name to an extent of dragging his mother, Mama Ngina Kenyatta, in their "dirty politics", instead of supporting him in his development agenda and uniting the country.

"They have been telling you that Uhuru is bad and has not done anything in this region, despite the fact that I have initiated tremendous projects, including roads, electricity, this dam here and many more. They have been invoking my mother's name in their insults as if Kenyans voted for her," he said.

Uhuru affirmed his support for Azimio presidential candidate Raila and his running mate Karua, saying they have the vision of uniting the country and fostering development that will improve livelihoods.