Mortgage financier Housing Finance has expanded its product range to include rental services for commercial and residential properties.

Up to the point of announcing the new development yesterday, Housing Finance has been known to offer property buyers and developers front and end financing in the form of mortgage and construction loans in addition to saving schemes geared towards home ownership.

"Property investors today want to deal with reputable firms and desire a single point of contact for all the services that are necessary in the property market," said David Maveke, head of mortgage finance.

The move, which is bound to shake the property market that has for a long time been riddled with con artists, follows a decision by Housing Finance to seek new ways to grow revenue and diversify products.

"I am sure clients will positively embrace our new concept and will also enjoy dealing with a reputable firm like ours as we offer personalised services," said Mr Maveke.

Housing Finance will be offering its services through the property point, an in-house one-stop property shop, that is available across its 10 branches countrywide.

Before Housing Finance’s entry, property management had been left to small firms that more often than not have been accused of having quack agents who fleece persons looking for houses to rent.

A number of quack agents—exploiting the desperation for affordable housing in urban centres —have swindled tenants millions of shillings by offering them non-existent property to rent and also by charging them ‘viewing’ fees before moving into the properties.

"At Housing Finance, we help you identify your ideal property or tenants and we do not charge you for the visits we make while trying to identify a suitable unit for you," said Mr Maveke.