Uncle Ted: He’s busy smoking weed, should I dump and forget him?

Hey Uncle Ted,

I have been dating since December. Both of us were in Form Four but then he repeated because he changed schools to follow me to my school in a different county. Now, this holiday, he isn’t the same. He doesn’t check up on me like he used to even though he knows I’m sick. 

He is too busy hanging out with his friends and smoking weed. He has changed and is not as caring but claims his feelings for me have not changed. I love him but I know we are about to separate because this is not what I want. Should I just break it off and forget?

Lady Boss

Young lady, didn’t it occur to both of you that him repeating one class to follow you to your school in a different county was nothing short of silly? That cost his parents a year’s school fee. If he is incapable of caring about the hardship his own parents endure to raise his fee, you shouldn’t be surprised that he is hanging out with his friends, smoking weed and not caring about a girl he met in December. Have sex with that boy at your own risk.