Elsa Majimbo explains decision to delete controversial tweets about Naomi Campbell

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By Fay Ngina | Feb 19, 2024
Elsa Majimbo and Naomi Campbell. [Instagram]

Social media sensation Elsa Majimbo has recently found herself at the centre of a heated controversy involving supermodel Naomi Campbell.

After sharing a TikTok video detailing her fraught relationship with Campbell, Majimbo has taken steps to retract her previous statements on social media, deleting tweets related to the matter.

On February 19, Majimbo issued a clarifying statement on her decision to remove these tweets, attributing the action to a desire for peace and personal well-being rather than fear or intimidation.

"The tweets are deleted due to seeking peace, not fear. Y’all need to understand this is something that has happened since I was 19. My goal now is happiness," Majimbo explained.

The situation took another turn when a user on X (formerly Twitter) questioned Majimbo about potential harassment from Campbell regarding the deletion of the tweets. Majimbo's response shed light on the gravity of their dispute, saying, "She threatened to sue and post screenshots of a time I asked for her to help me with some older white executives that were trying to sleep with me. I’m now moving on and leaving it in the past."

Another comment prompted Majimbo to admit, "It’s very deep. I’m not speaking 'cause I’m brave sometimes when you’re pushed to the edge you have no option but to jump.”

The origins of the dispute trace back to a TikTok video posted by Majimbo on February 15, 2024, where she responded to fan inquiries about her relationship with Campbell, who was once considered a mentor figure to her.

In the video, Majimbo recounted their first meeting in Nairobi in December 2020, during one of Campbell's visits. Majimbo, who had gained viral fame during the early days of the pandemic, reached out to Campbell on Instagram, leading to an invitation from the supermodel to join her on a getaway trip.

Majimbo recalled the time they spent together, which included appearances on Campbell's vlog "Being Naomi" and her "No Filter With Naomi" show. However, the relationship took a turn for the worse over a disagreement concerning a documentary project.

According to Majimbo, Campbell felt betrayed when Majimbo proceeded with a short film about her life without her input, leading to a cessation of communication between the two.

Despite Majimbo's efforts to reconcile, including apologies and attempts to re-establish contact, Campbell remained unresponsive.

Majimbo disclosed that the situation had taken a toll on her mental health, pushing her towards alcoholism - a point she later clarified was a consequence of the stress and not directly caused by Campbell.

“Naomi obviously never force-fed me alcohol. The situation led to the action. My action. As I said, my part was played and responsibility is mine,” said Elsa.

Majimbo's revelations have sparked widespread discussion on social media. As of now, Naomi Campbell has not publicly responded to the allegations made in Majimbo's viral video and tweets.

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