Key development milestones in Bomet County: Pictorial


87,000 Tissue Culture Banana seedlings distributed to farmers under subsidy programme. 83,000 Hass avocadoes seedlings distributed to farmers in the upper zones of the county and 51,000 grafted mango seedlings also supplied.

Bomet County in partnership with World Vision Kenya has set up a sweet potato plant at a cost of Sh27 million in Lelaitich, Chepalungu. 2,300 bags of Irish Potato seeds and 8,702 Batian seedlings supplied to over 20 cooperatives societies.

302,000 sweet potato vines distributed in parts of Chepalungu and Bomet East Sub counties.

Sh58 million allocated towards the renovation of 169 tea buying centres through cooperative societies.

Sh58.5 million allocated jointly by the county government and World Vision Kenya towards construction of Chebunyo Dairy Milk Processing plant. The plant will process at least 2,000 litres per hour once it is operational.

68 milk cooling plants in the county

35 milk cooling plants have been installed by the county government with additional 33 cooling plants secured from national government and Smallholder Dairy Commercialization Program (SDCP) to help farmers from different cooperative societies bulk and chill their milk.

1 one the 35 milk cooling plants in Bomet County.

12,000 dairy cows

The number of dairy cows served under the artificial insemination program in the last one year. Over 200,000 animals vaccinated against livestock diseases such as Foot and Mouth Disease, Black Quarter (BQ), Lump Skin Disease (LSD), anthrax and rabies.


139 facilities in the county with over 1,000 medical staff out of which 200 are designated from Universal Health Coverage (UHC program). Dispensaries, having met the required standards, have been upgraded to health centres bringing a sigh of relief to the residents travel long distance to seek medical services.


The county has purchased two new fully equipped ambulances to ease referrals of at least 300 patients destined to various health facilities across the country monthly. The county has set up an emergency response toll free line 0800720562 to ensure effective response to emergencies especially during the Covid19 crisis.


Sh45 million allocated to the ongoing construction of 36-Meter Muriaisi bridge connecting Kimulot and Boito wards in Konoin subcounty.

Muriaisi Bridge in Bomet County.

Urban and Housing

Sh168 million disbursed under the Kenya Urban Support Program, a World Bank funded programme, towards upgrading of B3-Chebirir-Bomet University road and Silibwet town access roads to bitumen standards. The roads are the first tarmac roads to be undertaken by the county government of Bomet.


17,000 water connections

The department through the management of Bomet Water Company (BOMWASCO) has extended pipeline works from 76kms in 2018/2019 to 89.4kms in 2019/2020 translating to an increase of 13,605 households to 17,516 registered connections. 

The water billing system has been automated.  The construction of the 20-kilometer Mogogosiek – Kapletundo -Kaplong water pipeline worth Sh66 million is 70 per cent complete. 

97,000 Households

The number of households in Kimulot and Chepchabas wards and parts of Boito set to benefit from the second phase of the Sh380 million Bomet County Integrated Development programme - a collaboration between the county government of Bomet and the Kenya Red Cross Society. 80,000 households in Chepalungu sub county were supplied with water in the first phase under Sigor water project.

Bomet County in partnership with the National Irrigation Board (NIB) has excavated 120 household water pans, Nogirwet water project has also been rehabilitated, 35 water pans have been excavated and 75 springs protected.


Through partnership with World Wide Fund for nature (WWF), Kenya Forest Service and other partners, Bomet seeks to increase forest cover to 17 per cent by 2022 up from 15.2 in 2019. Over two million tree seedlings have been planted in schools, PI lands, Chepalungu and Mara Mara forest blocks.

Social Services

3000 People Living with Disabilities (PWDs) accessed for their various needs. The PWDs were given tools of trade and assistive devices as well as capacity building to enable them vend for their daily lives. Fifty vulnerable households with Persons Living with Disabilities across the county have been supplied with iron sheets and water tanks to reduce the distance covered by PWDs in search for clean water.

The county has inaugurated the annual Paralympics and Deaflympics sports to embrace disability and expose their talents.

The County Government of Bomet has partnered with the Kenya Film Commission to establish an Ultra-Modern Film Hub to offer opportunities to young creative talents to tell the story of Bomet, a cradle for Kipsigis culture, to the world.


221 - The number of Early Childhood Development (ECD) Centres constructed so far against a target of 500 ECDCs by 2022; 42 centres were constructed in the last one year. ECDE centres will be supplied with milk from Chebunyo Milk Processing plants under the school feeding programme once schools reopen.  

1200 - The number of Early Childhood Development Education teaching assistants employed by the county government on permanent and pensionable terms. Teaching Assistants above the ages of 45 awarded renewable contracts until they exit public service.

4,924 - The number of beneficiaries of Sh61m Bomet County Bursary Programme, where 584 are Full Bursary, 3,206 Partial Bursary and 1,134 under Chepchabas Ward Affirmative bursary.

3,154 - The number of college and university students who have so far benefited from Bomet County Education Revolving Fund, a partnership with the Higher Education Loans Board (HELB). The county allocated Sh30 million with additional Sh30 million allocated this financial year.

33 VTCs

The number of Vocational Training Centres (VTCs) in the County, with over 3,900 trainees up from 2,000 in 2018, taking various courses that are tailor-made for the job market. The county has allocated shillings 47 million to develop and expand infrastructure in technical and vocational training institutions.

Trade, Energy, Tourism, Investment

80 boda boda sheds have been constructed across the county and 39 shoe shiner sheds erected at the County and sub County headquarters. Over 100 floodlights units have been installed. The Division of Trade developed Bomet County Enterprise Development Fund Policy and published the Act relating to the policy and developed accompanying regulations to operationalize the disbursement of Sh50 million revolving fund kitty. The Enterprise fund has since been transferred to the newly created Cooperatives and Enterprise Development Department.

Cooperatives and Enterprise Development

The newly created Cooperatives and Enterprise Development department is positioning itself as a vehicle for rapid economic development in the county.

To strengthen the co-operative movement in Bomet, the department has put structures in place to implement the Bomet County Enterprise Development Fund to operationalize the disbursement of Sh50 million revolving fund kitty.

To actualize this undertaking, the county has organized 800 cooperative societies under Bomet Cooperative Union.

Finance and Economic Planning


Bomet County was ranked third Best County in Kenya on proper management of public resources by the World Bank under the KDSP in the financial year 2019/2020. Also, the county was ranked among the top ten counties that comply with procurement laws by the Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA).

Administration, ICT and Public Service

Disaster Management Unit

Ten divers in the county have been trained on water rescue, river crossing and safety. The divers are renowned for saving lives and retrieving bodies in water not only in Bomet but also other counties which include Narok, Kericho, Kisii, Homabay, Nakuru and Mombasa. The county government has acquired a fire engine.

Renowned Bomet county divers.

Shelter Support Program

Over 421 households affected by recent floods have been supplied with food and non-food items through the county shelter support program.


310 Isolation beds

A 200 bed Covid 19 isolation centre has been set at Koiwa sub county hospital with additional 110 isolation beds spread across other facilities in the county. The county has four designated quarantine centres each holding more than 40 patients.

Face masks

204,000 face masks produced at Siwot Vocational Training centre and distributed to community members, boda boda operators and bus stage managers. The county targets to produce a thousand masks to be distributed to its residents.


950 Community health volunteers trained on Covid 19 preparedness. The team will conduct community sensitization on hand washing and disease prevention.  

Hand washing

Over 1,300 hand washing stations distributed to various groups, shopping centres, public institutions, bus stages and markets.

Donor support

The county benefited from the Equity Group Foundation supply of Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs). The foundation will supply Bomet with the PPEs for the next 18 months to be used by medical personnel in fight against Covid -19 in the county.  

Travel logs

48,000 travel log documents distributed to bomet bus stage managers and boda boda chairmen to aid in contact tracing of reported Covid19 positive cases. The booklets detail the name, travel route, destination departure and arrival time as well as vehicle registration number.  


over 300,000 passengers screened at main entry points, Mulot, Daraja Sita, Masese and Chebilat, to the county.  

10,000 Households

The number of vulnerable households, whose livelihood have been ravaged by Covid 19, each supplied with 90kg bags of maize in the county.