As judgement day beckons, ethnic barons to order their 'spontaneous' troops to base

The Supreme Court. [File, Standard]

In about 72 hours, the Supreme Court will determine the presidential electoral petition and direct the future of this country.

There are multiple possibilities: they might uphold or overturn Bill Ruto’s victory; they could nullify the entire poll and order a fresh one; they could also retally and declare a winner from any of the four contestants - including David Mwaure Waihiga or George Wajackoyah.

And since we have plentiful of stone democrats in our country, who respond by stoning anybody within their sights - should they feel aggrieved by the court outcome - there are fears that the court decision could trigger social conflagration.

This is a narrative that has largely gained acceptance the world over, even though it is premised on a false premise that Kenyans respond “spontaneously” towards violence, apparently because we use our instincts, like animals, not intellect.

This is racist tosh that has been propounded since the British set foot on our shores, one hundred years ago, and earlier than that, when our brethren were shipped out of this continent.

The violent Mau Mau response to the British occupation of this country, although organised and steeped in atavistic rituals that affirmed the centrality of land in the life of their countrymen and women, was dismissed as senseless bloodletting.

Kenyans scored an own goal when, in 2007, bands of hired goons, rapists and murderers, descended on farmlands and drove out those perceived as “outsiders”. Politicians declared the violence as “spontaneous,” even though a subsequent inquiry revealed high levels of planning and funding from some evil chaps.

Which is why in the coming week or two, you will probably see foreign diplomats trooping to see local politicians in a bid to secure their commitment to hold the peace, and to urge them to order their “spontaneous” troops back to base.

How come none of them went to Washington to counsel Donald Trump against plunging his country into chaos?