New Gikuyu digital dictionary within reach

A new Gikuyu dictionary has been launched to guide the community and deepen their knowledge of the language.

This will also help them avoid making wrong interpretations of words and phrases. The author, Kareithi wa Njenga said he has invested in the dictionary to enable the Agikuyu to have their own comprehensive book written by someone who understands the language.

He said the new platform will ignite a passion among the young people interested in learning the language and their customs. The dictionary will also help clear mistakes that current books, including some used in schools.

Launching the digital dictionary in Nairobi, Mr Njenga regretted that there are some dictionaries with glaring mistakes since they are written by people from other communities, thus misleading readers on interpretations.

In his dictionary, it has emerged that the commonly used word 'thengiu;' has been confused with "Thank you" instead it means 'Niwega'.

Njenga said he and his team feel confident about the ability of the product and will launch the hardcopy version early next year.

During the launch, Mr Ndirangu wa Kariuki said the dictionary will also maintain the integrity of the community through the reading of books.

"A close look at the dictionary reveals that it has the Gikuyu element in a tonal language as some words are wrongly written to give a different meaning," said Ndirangu.

He said they will also develop an APP to allow people to listen to how the words are pronounced.

The dictionary will be available to android users on the Google Play Store app.

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