Diaspora Life: My fairytale marriage that ended in turmoil Ep#18

Working in Kenya’s most popular tourist destination, the Maasai Mara, the home of the world's 8th wonder - the great Wildebeest migration - Claire Mudeitsi Ellenor easily won the heart of an Australian tourist.  

She soon relocated to Sydney where they had a fairy-tale kind of wedding in the middle of the ocean with the sights and sounds of sea creatures, in the presence of close family and friends.  

Not long after, their titanic love ship struck an iceberg and began to sink. As Ellenor explains, theirs is a story of love brewed in the wild but couldn’t withstand the wilderness that followed.   

She was thrown out of an eight-bedroom mansion and left with nothing, not even her own children. 

Claire’s story got the interest of Kenyan Women in the United States, KWITU, an organization that supports vulnerable women to get justice.