Magistrate adjourns case on Itumbi's 'fake' letter

ICT CAS Dennis Itumbi during a church service at ACK Faith Church in Kiharu, Muranga. [Courtesy. Itumbi Twitter]

A Nairobi court has granted the prosecution a request to adjourn hearing of a case in which ICT Chief Administrative Secretary Dennis Itumbi has been accused of faking a letter purporting a planned assassination plot against then Deputy President William Ruto.

Dr Ruto was elected president in August last year. Mr Itumbi was accused of producing the fake assassination letter to back his claims that some senior government officials in the former Jubilee administration had meet and plotted to commit crime. 

Prosecutors on Wednesday asked court for more time since the investigating officer was away on leave, and that they did not have the file.

The defence objected to the application questioning the prosecution team why they appeared in court without a file in a case that has been in court for years.

“Your honour, the prosecution is only delaying this case an act that will infringe on the rights of the accused," said one the defence lawyers.

He opposed the application to adjourn the case stating that having no police file in court is not sufficient enough to warrant an adjournment.

The prosecution side insisted they were not ready, prompting Milimani chief magistrate Susan Shitubi to adjourn the case until July 28, 2023.

Itumbi was placed on his defence early last year after the prosecution closed its case. The court after analysing the evidence presented, found the prosecution had a case.

By Peter Theuri 33 mins ago
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