Kitany says that the house-girl who died at their house had informed her of Linturi's infidelity

Meru Senator Mithika Linturi’s former wife Maryanne Kittany in the dock at Milimani Court, Nairobi on August 28, 2019. [Stafford Ondego/Standard]

Former chief of staff at the deputy president's officer Marianne Kitany yesterday sensationally told court Meru Senator Mithika Linturi tasked a woman to poison her.

Ms Kitany, who was testifying in an ongoing divorce case she has filed against Mr Linturi, also displayed photographs in court to prove she was married to the senator.

Kitany told the court Linturi sent a woman to befriend her with the aim of poisoning her.

According to her, the woman revealed that she had been sent by Linturi to poison her.

She said she realised that her life was in danger and reported the matter to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI).

Some of the photos produced in court showed Kitany chewing miraa during what she said was a Meru customary marriage. “I chewed miraa as a symbol of acceptance according to Meru culture in 2016,” she said.

According to Kitany, during their traditional marriage, the bunch of miraa handed to her was tied and "looked like manhood".

She appeared in the first photo that she produced in court smiling holding a bunch of miraa.

She added that they used to attend public rallies together after the elections.

Kitany produced three albums showing the couple's happier days, including what she said was their wedding in Nandi County.

Birthday cake

A video was played showing Linturi singing "happy birthday my love".

Another picture showed Kitany at Linturi's brother' funeral and another one showed her being introduced to a crowd during campaign.

Another video showed them in Jubilee Party attire with Meru women celebrating Linturi's win in the 2017 election.

"I am still a legal wife to Linturi and I am seeking an order to have the custody of all the children," she told court.

Kitany accused Linturi of infidelity, saying it was the reason she decided to file for divorce. 

She cited Linturi's cheating, abuse and transfer of some of her properties to himself among the reasons for filing for divorce.

Kitany told the court that their house girl who died at their home in Meru County, had informed her that Linturi was having affairs.

“The lady called me and informed me that she wanted to quit the job because she was uncomfortable working there,” she said.

Kitany told the court that she told the house girl not to travel to Nairobi and wait for her in Meru.

“Before travelling to Meru I heard news that the girl had died,” said Kitany.

She said that in 2017, their marriage became rocky as Linturi would come home late and deny her conjugal rights. “I went over Linturi’s phone and I found many nude photos of women and pornographic videos,” she said.

Kitany insisted that she tried everything including involving his parents to save their marriage.

She told the court that their parents tried to solve their problems three times but in vain.

The woman said she was beaten by her estranged husband when they were in Meru after asking about the affairs.

Kitany is represented by lawyers Danstan Omari, Ligana Mogaka, Shadrack Wambui, Miss Anita Masaki and Sharie Okege.

Linturi is represented by Thiankolu Muthomi and Samuel Karanja. The matter is being heard by Chief Magistrate Peter Ngare.

Kitany also produced photos of her birthday party that showed her giving Linturi a piece of cake.

Kitany complained that the media misrepresented her earlier statement, but the magistrate ruled that the media should report accurately what is being said in an open court.

“It is erroneous for the media to report a matter that has not been heard before an open court,” ruled Magistrate Ngare.

Common practice

Omari said it is not common practice for divorce proceedings to be covered by the media, but Kitany had opted for it to be open "because her marriage ceremony was also in public".

“It is the petitioners’ choice to have the matter heard in public and in the presence of media,” said Omari.

Linturi on the other hand said that when his turn to testify comes, he will decide whether to have the matter heard in camera or not.

Kitany also showed the court their house in Runda, revealing that she went to Egypt and Dubai to look for the materials and furnishings.