Police arrest three suspects linked to Homa Bay woman assault incident

The three men who were arrested for allegedly assaulted an old woman and her son at Ringa in Homa Bay county. [NPS]

The National Police Service has confirmed the arrest of three men who allegedly assaulted an old woman and her son at Ringa in Homa Bay county.

The perpetrators are allegedly known persons in the area.

NPS says the three are in police custody and are being processed to be arraigned for the offence of assault causing actual bodily harm.

The three arrested are; Dedan Kimathi Agan, Enos Odhiambo Osoo and Lukio Okwiri.

NPS had condemned the incident saying; "the cruel act victimising the two for whatever reason is unjustified, unlawful and cruel. NPS joins outraged Kenyans in condemning the uncalled brutality against the two."

Further, police stated that there are legally laid down procedures of settling conflicts between people.

"The rule of law should always prevail against the rule of the mob in all situations. The area police officers are handling the matter."

The Interior and National Coordination Cabinet Secretary Dr Fred Matiangi on Monday ordered for the immediate arrest of the suspects.

Matiangi said the act is an intolerable gender violence.

"It doesn't matter what the woman did. I have asked the Regional Commissioner Nyanza and his security team to immediately hunt for these beastly perpetrators and their crowd of onlookers and apprehend them so that an opportunity is set for them to face the law."

Early on Monday, advocate Steve Ogolla confirmed to have spoken to the victim who had the matte to Oriwo police in Ringa.

"She is in great pain and is yet to receive medical treatment. We shall offer pre-trial legal assistance and watch brief in the matter to ensure justice is done," stated Ogolla.

Sources indicate that the elderly woman in the viral clip had been accused by her inlaws of making noise in the compound.

She is alleged to have replied at the inlaws who interpreted the action by the woman as being rude. They further accused her of having a tendency to insult other people.

The woman was beaten for close to five minutes as she begged the inlaws to let her go and be allowed to pick her belongings.