Government suspends IDPs compensation in Kisii

The government has temporarily suspended ongoing compensation exercise of the Internally Displaced persons (IDPs) in Kisii County.

This is after it emerged that some politicians from Kisii and coordinators of the said integrated IDPs had come up with a different list from the one that had initially been presented to the government.

Addressing more than 10,000 IDPs at Gusii stadium Tuesday morning, Kisii County Commissioner Mr Samuel Njora called on Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) to immediately stop making the payments until the names are properly vetted by government officers.

"Everybody should move back to his/her sub county headquarters and get further clarification from their Assistant County Commissioners. Some people included the names of their relative thinking that the government will not verify the list," says Mr Njora.

He says that names of genuine IDPs will have to be verified by church leaders and chiefs. "We will not allow cartels to take over government processes. Those who ferried fake individuals here should take them back," he says.

Mr Njora announced that only 500 people had been paid. These are among the 7,000 people that President Uhuru Kenyatta on Tuesday last week announced that were set to receive Sh51, 000.

Those who congregated at the Gusii stadium on Tuesday accused their leaders of having used them for their selfish monetary gain

Some alleged that they have been paying Sh200 per month, money they say some few individuals have been pocketing for the last four years.

A source within the government intelligence department said that some individuals acting as the group leaders had defrauded several residents on pretense that they could be included in the list.

In a media briefing in his office, Mr Njora explained that all those IDPs who had received Sh10,000 in 2012 will not receive the Sh51,000.

He explains the list will be made before the payments are made as from Thursday this week.