MPs seek to end suffering of Uber drivers

In the wake of demonstrations by Uber taxi drivers over low fares, MPs have warned that they could recommend tough measures to regulate operations of electronic taxi businesses.

The regulations, the National Assembly transport committee said, would include the introduction of pricing models that would allow both drivers and e-taxi firms to mutually benefit from the taxi business.

The committee said it was concerned with complaints that e-taxi companies were raking in millions of shillings, while drivers were struggling to service loans.

"We will have to come up with regulations on the minimum and maximum fares you can charge per kilometre. It is for you to come up with rates that are agreeable to everybody, otherwise we will be forced to come up with regulations," committee chairman Maina Kamanda said.

Uber Manager in charge of East Africa Cezanne Maherali said: "The intention of Uber is to help people live, and not the opposite. We are compliant with all tax regulations and our books are open."