Youth want State to pay them after they were duped



Vihiga County

Hundreds of youth in Sabatia and Hamisi districts are up in arms against a contractor who used their services and disappeared without paying them.

The contractor lured the youth into rehabilitating local roads but vanished on payday.

Feeder roads in the two districts are now in excellent condition following a month’s work by the youth.

The youngsters are, however, incensed since they have not been paid despite their good work.

The contractor was supposed to pay them just before Christmas, last year.

Casuals were supposed to earn Sh350, supervisors Sh550 and senior supervisors Sh1,000 for each day’s work.

The youth took up the work without bothering to find out the trustworthiness of the contractor.

A youth leader in Sabatia, Dennis Ajega, said young people in the two districts are now heavily indebted.

"Many incurred huge expenses hoping to clear the debt after payday," he added.

He said the Government, through the Constituency Development Fund (CDF), Local Authority Transfer Fund (Latf) and the Ministry of Roads should seek ways to assist the youth.

Not expect mercy

"The youth simply complemented the work of CDF, Latf and Ministry of Roads," he reiterated.

But another youth who sought anonymity said his colleagues should not expect any money.

"We rehabilitated roads to our homes. Why should the Government pay us for that? Nobody went to rehabilitate roads in other areas," he said.

Yet another said the country needs more contractors like the one who duped the youth.

"If you see roads in your area are in bad shape, just tell youth to rehabilitate those in their respective home areas and then do not pay them. We must not all the time wait for somebody from outside to help us," he added.