World Bank to fund Sh117 million banana market in Kisii

Necessary approvals have been given by the National Programme Steering Committee (NPSC) for the construction of Nyamache banana market, which will cost Sh117 million. 

The World Bank will fund the project through National Agricultural Inclusive Growth Project (NARIGP) at Sh100 million with Kisii County Government giving a Sh17 million top up.

This will help enhance the implementation of a banana factory whose construction is set for completion in the next two months.

The European Union granted the county Sh110 million for the banana value chain project, with the county government giving Sh60 million to establish the factory within Kisii Agriculture Training Centre.

The banana factory is poised to churn out a number of products, including banana powder, hair powder, hair pieces, crisps and wine.

With the diminishing land sizes, the local farmers are appreciating calls for intensive small scale agriculture.

NARIGP, through Community-Driven Development Committees and Social Accountability Integrity Committee, is funding small holder farmer groups to a tune of Sh170 million.

The money will boost value chains for bananas, sairy, chicken and vegetables to increase productivity and profitability.  

The project aims at increasing productivity and profitability of rural communities and in the event of eligible crisis, provide effective response.

The programme is operational in six sub-counties in Kisii namely Bonchari, South Mugirango, Bobasi, Nyaribari Masaba, Kitutu Chache North and Bomachoge Chache.

On Monday, selected farmer groups benefited from Sh42.2 million, which includes the first tranche of Sh20.2 million for farmers drawn from 10 wards and the second tranche of Sh21.9 to farmers groups from seven wards. 

In Kisii County, NARIGP has vetted and approved 521 community micro project proposals set to receive close to Sh170 million.

“Beneficiaries ought to diligently utilise the funds so as to attract further funding to the county. The youth should take advantage of the programme to form common interest groups,” said Governor James Ongwae, while issuing the cheques.

“I urge farmers to step up production of vegetables and short-term fruit crops, which have nutritional value for vitamin C and I thank our partners for helping in building capacity of our small-scale farmers along this line through the NARIGP initiative,” he said.

He added that NARIGP’s objective was to increase agricultural productivity and profitability of targeted rural communities in selected counties, and in the event of an Eligible Crisis or Emergency, to provide immediate and effective response.