Matatu owners complain about police seeking bribes

Eastern Regional Commissioner Isaiah Nakoru speaking to Matatu Sacco offciers in Embu.
Matatu operators in Eastern region have protested losing money to corrupt traffic police officers.

The owners, who converged in Embu town under the aegis of Mt Kenya Matatu Operators, said the police bribery culture now runs deep.

Abraham Gichovi, the operators' spokesperson said matatu crew are forced to part with bribes or face a myriad of charges in court that result to high fines.

"Giving bribes to traffic police officers is logical. It is an easy way of getting out of traffic problems. How can I allow my vehicle to be impounded and taken to a police station? First, I will waste a lot of time and I will be fined more money by the court. Its better I pay a bribe,” Mr Gichovi said.  

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