Back to school decor hacks

Schools are open and it can be overwhelming trying to meet every child’s need. For increased self-management, it will be helpful to include some storage ideas so that each child is able to return things to their respective spaces. Below are some ideas on how to harness some order in school clutter creators.

Stationery: There is always a pencil or eraser that is either in the wrong place or is missing. Find jars where you can place the pencils and make sure they have lids. Have different jars for colour pencils, erasers and sharpeners. Having stationery at home enables the child to work efficiently from home without having to ferry stationery to and from school.

Uniforms: Have a well labelled system and storage pockets for different uniforms such as football, scouts, first aid or ballet. This ensures that after laundry, the item is placed in the correct pocket. This will reduce the amount of time each week when you have to look for the same item. It has been said that doing the same thing each time and expecting different results is a mark of insanity. So is searching for the same clothe items each week.

School bags: Bags on the floor are not only an eyesore, but also a safety hazard. Establish where school bags should be put upon arrival. This could be a bench or a plastic chair where the bag can be placed or a holding room which can house these items. This trains the child not to place or dump bags on the floor.

Notice board: Have a place where you can keep reminders of school date events or event roaster. This can be a notice board. A chalk board is a quick way to put reminders or school break menus. Make the notice boards colourful and creative to catch the attention of your target audience – the children. If you have the room, you can add a merit chart to reinforce positive behaviour in children.

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