Pakistan envoy roots for closer trade ties with Kenya

The governments of Pakistan and Kenya have cemented bilateral trade ties to stimulate economic growth.

Pakistan High Commissioner to Kenya Saqlain Syedah said the two countries have since time had strong trade ties.

She reiterated her government’s commitment in enhancing economic growth between the two countries.

“Pakistan and Kenya enjoy excellent bilateral relations, which continue to flourish in all fields. Our bilateral trade relations are no different,” she said.

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Ms Syedah said Kenya is one of Pakistan’s major trading partners with last year’s trade hitting $700 million (Sh70 billion).

The envoy spoke at a Kenya-Pakistan networking meeting on Friday organised by the Kenya Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mombasa chapter.

Rice from Pakistan and Kenya’s tea are the major trading products with pharmaceuticals, machinery equipment as other most traded items.

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However, the envoy said there are immense opportunities for an increase in the trade.

“We must explore other areas such as information technology, agriculture, electronics, and engineering goods, infrastructure development, housing, and healthcare,” she said.

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“Pakistan has seen a lot of potential in Africa and plans are at an advanced stage to organise the first-ever Africa Trade Development Conference in Nairobi that will be addressed by Pakistan Minister for Trade and Foreign Affairs.”

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