Different ways to keep the outdoors warm

Outdoor warm
A well thought out outdoor fire does more than warming up your outdoor rooms [Getty Images/iStockphoto]
A well thought out outdoor fire does more than warming up your outdoor rooms. It draws people to gather around and creates a relaxing ambience.

From permanent outdoor fireplaces to movable fire urns, there are many options to choose from.

An outdoor fireplace is typically built in masonry and lined with firebricks on the inside. The chimney directs the smoke up and away from the hearth and the occupied area.

The other option is fire pits. They have become popular due to their beauty and convenience. They are also less expensive when compared to fireplaces and offer greater versatility in terms of design.

Fire pits may be permanent or portable, raised or sunken and may be fashioned from a wide range of materials, including masonry blocks, bricks, steel or clay. They offer many fuel options, including wood logs, natural gas and gas logs.

After the traditional campfire, chimineas are probably the oldest kind of outdoor fire ‘appliance’.

They are fire urns made of clay or steel. They provide an elevated, portable outdoor hearth with an opening that lets heat out on just one side.

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The upper, narrower part acts as a chimney that directs smoke away from the hearth and the living space. They can be used with charcoal or wood logs. Modern ones can also use natural gas and gas logs.

They are not recommended for use on wood decks and can be subject to cracking and breakage. Chimneys are often the least-expensive style of outdoor hearth.

At the expense of the ambience that comes with a fireplace or a fire pit, you can settle for a patio heater. These are relatively new products that are quickly gaining popularity due to the convenience and their relatively lower costs. 

Patio heaters can run on liquid propane or natural gas and come in stainless steel, cast aluminium or painted steel.

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