Kenyans react to housing levy deductions

The coming into effect of the 1.5 per cent housing levy on salaries of employees has rubbed Kenyans the wrong way.

Using social media trending phrase 'Government' and 'Housing Levy Fund' on Twitter, they expressed their dislike saying the Government is forcing on them the house levy deductions.

To David Ndii, the idea to force employees to pay the levy is not justifiable considering many Kenyans earn peanuts.

@DavidNdii: Who thinks for this government? How do you justify forcing a minimum wage tea picker in Kericho or waiter in Kwale to finance middle class housing in Nairobi?

Lawyer Nelson Havi and Ndung'u Wainaina said effecting of housing levy was a disregard of the court that suspended it.

‏@NelsonHavi: Housing Fund Levy was suspended by the Court in proceedings where the GoK is a party. Disregard of the rule of law and disobedience of court orders is the highest form of corruption in Kenya. GoK cannot win the war on corruption when it perpetrates it. It is that simple.

‏@NdunguWainaina: Why was CS @JamesMacharia_ docket expanded to include Transport, infrastructure, Housing, Urban development and Public works? What are interests secured? Secondly,1.5% Housing Fund Levy is unlawful. Court suspended it until May 20, 2019 when petition will come up for directions.
To Wathika, majority may not get the houses even after their salaries being deducted to pay for it 15 years later.

‏ @uwanja: Housing Levy is kicking in this month; Assuming your salary remains constant, in 15 years you will have worked for about three months for a house you aren't sure when you will win now that GoK said the houses will be allocated via lottery system.

According to Bernard Thuo, fighting corruption would have been the priority before housing.

@ThuoBernard: 99 reasons to hate this country.  How can they build homes when they can’t fight corruption? #housinglevy @bonifacemwangi

@Yells_O: That Housing Fund Levy deduction alone should trigger a revolution. This is not fair at all. No justification whatsoever.