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As we progress through life, our needs grow, which is why we are always working to achieve more. According to Abraham Maslow, human needs begin from the most basic (food, shelter and clothing) then progress to safety, then belonging, esteem, and finally, self-actualization.

Now, imagine if you lived in a place that provided for all these needs. Well, you will get all this and so much more from Riverbank Apartments.  

Located within the expansive Two Rivers Social City, Riverbank Apartments brings you luxurious living, with just the perfect balance of nature and a modern lifestyle. There are hundreds of developments in the area. What makes Riverbank so special?

1. Beauty and elegance

Riverbank Apartments is the definition of class and elegance both inside and out. The interiors are tastefully done, with beautifully fitted equipment and fixtures that ooze beauty. Unlike many other developers, outside spaces are given priority, with gorgeous views of the dam from the manicured garden.

2. Location

One of the most unique features of this project is where it is located. As part of the Two Rivers Social City, Riverbank is a mixed-use development in the truest sense, with live, work and play capabilities. In addition, it lies within Nairobi’s diplomatic zone, being only minutes from the UNEP Headquarters, American Embassy, Canadian High Commission and a host of other diplomatic corps. Furthermore, it is placed perfectly to benefit from the Western Bypass, which will form a high speed transport ring connecting strategic areas around Nairobi’s satellite towns.

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3. Tech

The residents of Riverbank Apartments will be well placed to benefit from the very latest cutting-edge technology. Centum is one of the few developers in the country to incorporate smart home tech into their flats. Imagine being able to control and monitor your house remotely. Amazing, isn’t it? To add to it, the complex also has a fibre optic link exclusively for tenants’ use. This means unparalleled Internet and digital telephone speeds.

4. Accessibility

An oft neglected aspect of many buildings is accessibility. Real estate firms sometimes forget that people come with all sorts of different needs yet they must access the same features. This will not be a problem for residents of Riverbank. To begin with, the entire structure is wheelchair-accessible, which will be a sigh of relief for families with paraplegics or senior citizens. Add this to the high speed lifts in each block and movement in and out will not be a problem for anyone who lives there.

5. Security

Security is a major concern for any prospective homebuyer – as it should be. Everyone wants their families to be safe and happy, and they will be assured of this at Riverbank. Monitored CCTV throughout the project means that residents can rest easy whenever they are at home. In addition, there will be controlled access to the apartment blocks. Residents will never need to worry about random people wandering into their spaces. There is also a video door phone with intercom for ease of communication with guests and security agents.

6. So much space

One of the disadvantages of living in Nairobi or the surrounding areas is that everything feels crowded. Not so for anyone living at Riverbank. The apartments themselves are big and laid out such that you do not have to cram yourself, your family and all your belongings into a tiny space. There is also extra storage space in the basement if you need it, as well as sufficient parking for you and your guests. Let’s not forget the expansive gardens and kids’ play area for you and your family to run around in.

7. Infinite activities

At Riverbank, you will never run short of things to do. For the physically active folk, there is a fully equipped gym, basketball and tennis courts, soccer pitch, and the icing on the cake, a humongous swimming pool. Want to chill instead? Make full use of the in-building spa, which has a Jacuzzi, steam room and a sauna. You could also use the yoga studio to meditate or take a nice relaxing stroll around the grounds. If retail therapy is your thing, why not visit the largest mall in East Africa, literally a walking distance from your home, and browse through hundreds of retail shops?

8. Community living

Perhaps the most special perk of living at Riverbank Apartments is the sense of community you will enjoy. The entire project is designed to provide harmonious living without infringing on your privacy.

The shared facilities, including the business centre, sports fields, gym, playgrounds and the barbecue area are organized to encourage interaction with your neighbours without making you feel too squeezed in. This is no easy feat.

Aside from giving you an invaluable sense of belonging, you get to network and form mutually beneficial relationships. What is more, your children will learn how to socialize in a secure and warm environment.

With all these features, it is difficult to believe that Riverbank Apartments is within your reach, but it is. If you don’t believe me, go see for yourself.

As Maslow famously said, “One can choose to go back toward safety or forward toward growth.” Do not settle for less. Grow forward with Riverbank. Reserve your unit today.

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