Go bold with zigzag patterns

Using zigzag patterns in your space requires boldness and courage. But how do you make them work so that it is comfortable to live with?


Carefully select where you want to place the zigzag pattern. This could be an accent wall, sofa, rug or a portrait. Zigzags are best placed in rooms with plenty of lighting to illuminate the pattern. 

Colours best suited for zigzag patterns normally sit opposite each other on the colour chart to create a sharp contrast of two hues.

Consider black and white colours or deep brown and white zebra colours, which can be used on an accent seat, cushion covers, lamp shade and of course a portrait of the zebra.


Surround the zigzag pattern with neutral colours such as soft browns to temper or lighten the mood.

This cream coloured-ottoman will help balance the boldness of zigzag. Add textures such as velvet or fluffy scatter cushions to add some raised texture that is tempting to touch.


A touch of greenery will be the earthy and natural feeling indoors. Potted plants help to create harmony and tone down the room, not to mention the added benefits of cleaning the air.

Find ways to gently and subtly reinforce the zigzag pattern in smaller ways in the room without overdoing it. Too much of the zigzag could make you giddy as the room becomes overstimulated.

But that should not cause you to shy away from introducing this bold pattern into your space. Try it in “bite” sizes and see if you don’t get to love it more and more each day.  

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