Mombasa Fishermen Demand Compensation after loss To Developers and Pollution

Parliamentary committee of Environment and Natural Resources led by their chairman (Kareke Mbiuki (second right) points at the extend of reclamation of the sea by private developers at the Kibarani dumping site which has threatened the marine eco-system and the environment, July 30, 2018.  [PHOTO BY GIDEON MAUNDU/STANDARD].

Fishermen in Mombasa County have demanded that action be taken against developers who have destroyed the Kibarani fishing grounds.

The more than 300 fishermen from the Tudor and Shimanzi beach management units called for the immediate prosecution of those who have filled the Kibarani creek with garbage that has choked fish breeding sites.

Speaking yesterday at the Tudor landing site under the umbrella of Wavuvi Association of Kenya (WAK), the fishermen also asked Government to repossess 14 fish landing sites from grabbers.

The fishermen wanted title deeds issued for Tudor, Shimanzi, Kitanga Juu, Mkupe, Jomvu, Mikindani, Mishomoroni, Mkomani, Mombasa old market, Nyali, Bamburi, Utange, Mtongwe, Likoni and Timbwani sites to protect them from grabbers.

The fishermen commended the parliamentary committee on environment led by Mara MP Kareke Mbiuki that ordered developers to stop reclamation of the sea after vising the Kibarani site.

WAK chairman Hamid Omar said the ongoing excavation at Kibarani had destroyed breeding grounds for prawns, lobsters, crabs and other fish species.

The fishermen asked President Uhuru Kenyatta and Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho to intervene.

“We are appealing to the Government to compensate fishermen for loss of livelihood after the Kibarani fishing ground was destroyed by developers. We also want the grabbed land at Kibarani returned to the Mombasa County government,” Mr Omar said