50 acres of land with historical site grabbed, elders claim

Lembus council of elders members inspecting a piece of land allegedly grabbed by private land developers on February 14, 2018. [Photo by Kipsang Joseph/Standard]
Elders from the Lembus community have called on authorities to help recover 50 acres of public land they say has been grabbed in Eldama Ravine.

Lembus Council of Elders Vice Chairman Joseph Tiongik said they wanted the National Land Commission (NLC) and the county government to ensure that the grabbers relinquished the land they said hosted important historical sites.

Mr Tiongik said the land was also home to the oldest cattle dip - built in 1916 - in the Rift Valley.

“Other than being a historical site, it is also an educational centre,” he said. “Sadly, the land has been grabbed by individuals who have already sub-divided it. The historical sites remind us of the colonial era. We are calling on the lands commission to stop further sub-division of the land.”

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Tiongik said most of the land had already been developed by individuals who claimed they bought the sub-divided portions.

“We are surprised because we do not have any teams selling land in this area as alleged by the private developers. We want the county government to work with NLC and ensure that the land reverts to the community,” he said.

Council member Lawrence Bomett said only 15 acres out of the total 50 had not been grabbed. He urged the authorities to act fast to recover the land and deal with the grabbers.

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